The village: Rodalquilar.

The Village

Rodalquilar is a small, charming, former mining village (there was one of the few gold mines in spain) and there still remaind the buildings from that period.

There is also a defensive castle to be found, from the 18th century (San Ramón's castle) built by Carlos III. It is located on the border of the village's beach.
Valley of Rodalquilar
(on the way to the beach)
Mines of Rodalquilar
(Walk though the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata)
Lighthouse of Rodalquilar
(Walk of 'La Polacra')

Beach of Rodalquilar
('El Playazo')
Flowers on the way to the beach
(Walk through the valley of Rodalquilar)
Hill of the wolfs
(view of the mediterranean from the lighthouse)